Sunday, May 8, 2011

JLink with BeagleBoard

If you hook-up JLink to BeagleBoard and execute JLink commander, then you probably get the following error:

****** Error: DBEGN is not asserted.

And fail to recognise the target. This is because TI OMAP3530 needs a special setup sequence for JLink to connect, which is controlled by JLink script file (Default.JLinkScript)

Find the script file:


Copy it to the base directory(Windows) or the current directory(Linux) and rename it to


Then you can successfully connect to the board.

1 comment:

  1. Does anyone have a link to a script / ?? to debug in SDRAM with JLink on any of the TI cortex A8 chipsets ?

    I know it is working with latest IAR IDE (v6.20) but wanted to get it working with an open source tool chain.

    I have heard that .gdbinit might also be able to do the DDR setup if using gdb.