Monday, June 27, 2011

STM32F GCC IDE on Windows(2)

Test Project Build
Let's test build with some examples provided by ST. First copy the GPIO/IOToggle source files to the project directory just created.

Then create a make file and linker script file for the project. In this state, you can build(F7) and clean the project as you typed in the previous post. Actually everything is done by make utility and CodeLite is just invoking it.

It would be nice you can navigate and edit each file. At the left Workspace pane, right click on the project name and select the "Import Files from Directory".

Then you can select directories(and files) you want to show on your Workspace pane, which will probably match the source list of your Makefile. If there is no (sub)directories to select, you can choose as many as you want by clicking the Browse button on the top right of the dialog.

Resulting directory structure probably matches the source list of your Makefile. Be sure to remember that this tree is created regardless of project structure itself and you are not suppose to compile each individual file.

Flash Utility Integration
You can bring up the external flash utilities by registering those as external tools. Select Plugins-> External tools ->Configure external tools or just click the corresponding button from the menu bar

Then you can register your flash program.

Surely it is not as convenient as a native flasher but it is still useful.

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